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Our web templates are easy to customize. All of them are provided to you with all source files. Just add your content to our design and you will get exclusive high quality website.



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Changing Text in HTML Editor


Web design template is useless without content, so first of all you should add own text there.

Changing text in HTML file using HTML editor is so easy. When you will open HTML file from your web design template for the first time you will see that all text blocks are filled with dummy text. All you have to do is to substitute it with your own text.

All professional HTML editors have design view, so you don't have to worry about all that HTML tags, you can edit your text and see how site will look after publishing at the same time.

To turn this view on you should select View/Design from the top menu for Macromedia Dreamweaver or click Normal tab at the bottom for Microsoft FrontPage.

You can type your text directly in HTML editor or copy and paste it from your documents or previous design web site.


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Dreamweaver Design Mode

FrontPage Normal Tab

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