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Adding Images with HTML Editor


To substitute existent image with a new one you should do following. Copy your image file to the images folder of your web design template. Make shure that the picture in our template and the new one are the same size.

If you are using Microsoft FrontPage double click image you want to change.

In dialog that will appear after that select General tab. There will be input box with image name and Browse… button to the right of it. Click it to browse to your image file.

Or choose Insert/Picture/From File… and browse to the location of your image file.


For Macromedia Dreamweaver users that routine is quite easy. Just double click image you want to change and browse to your new image file location.

Or choose Insert/Image… from top menu and browse to your image file.


If you want change image directly from html code your have to substitute value of src image attribute:

Before: <img src="images/logo.jpg">

After: <img src="images/new_logo.jpg">

Note: If double clicking on image doesn’t works it means that this is not a content image but background image.

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